NI cRIO-9951 CompactRIO Module Development Kit Version 2.0

  • Technical support from National Instruments for your initial module development
  • Starter set of assorted module housings and connectors
  • CompactRIO module development software
  • License to develop and manufacture CompactRIO modules
  • Development of custom CompactRIO I/O modules for unique I/O requirements
  • CompactRIO Module Development Kit user manual
  • View Support Resources
The NI cRIO-9951 MDK Suite helps users, OEMs, and system integrators develop custom modules to meet unique system needs. The kit includes CompactRIO module development software and the CompactRIO Module Development Kit user manual. Additionally, the kit features housing module shells and testing to the NI CompactRIO electrical hardware power specification. Testing by National Instruments does not include any electromagnetic certification (EMC) or safety certification testing. Purchase the module development kit and sign the distribution agreement if you wish to resell or market your module individually or stand-alone.

The NI cRIO-9951 MDK Base is for internal-only distribution or for designers packaging a custom CompactRIO or NI Single-Board RIO value added reseller (VAR) system. The kit is for academic and internal-only use, and does not include support or certification testing. NI recommends you purchase certification testing for the CompactRIO electrical specification to ensure your custom module operates properly within a CompactRIO system. Do not purchase this kit if you plan to market or resell a custom module independently.

Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
CompactRIO Module Development Kit
779020-03cRIO-9951 MDK Suite - Quote Subject to Execution of MDK agreementCall$ 3,304.00
781017-03cRIO-9951 Module Development Kit Base - Limited Use License12 - 20$ 1,102.00
781018-01cRIO-9951, Certification Testing to cRIO Electrical SpecificationCall$ 1,433.00
CompactRIO Module Shells
779133-01cRIO-9952 Module shell, 10-pos screw, no LED slot (quant 10)5 - 10$ 319.00
779134-01cRIO-9953 Module shell, no cut outs (quant 10)5 - 10$ 319.00
779135-01cRIO-9954 Module Shell, 25-pos DSUB, w/ 8 LED slots (quant 10)5 - 10$ 319.00
779152-01cRIO-9955 Module shell, 37-pos DSUB slot, no LED (quant 10)5 - 10$ 319.00
779151-01cRIO-9956 Module shell, 4 BNC, no LED slot (quant 10)Call$ 319.00
194881-01NI 9957 Module Die Cast Housings for cRIO MDK (qty 100)Call$ 1,102.00
194882-01NI 9958 Module Covers for cRIO MDK, No Cut Outs (qty 100)Call$ 610.00

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