NI PXI-4462 4-Input Dynamic Signal Analyzer

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  • NI recommends the PXIe-4464 DSA device for new designs
  • Four simultaneously sampled analog inputs at up to 204.8 kS/s
  • Software-configurable AC/DC coupling and IEPE conditioning
  • Six gain settings for input ranges from ±316 mV to ±42.4 V
  • Support for IEEE 1451.4 Class 1 Smart (TEDS) Sensors
  • 24-bit resolution ADCs with 118 dB dynamic range
  • Configure Complete PXI System
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The National Instruments PXI-4462 is a high-accuracy data acquisition module specifically designed for sound and vibration applications. This module includes the hardware and software needed to make precision measurements with microphones, accelerometers, and other transducers that have very large dynamic ranges. Common applications include audio test; automotive noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH); and machine condition monitoring.

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The NI PXI-4462 is also available as a bundle with the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite, which includes NI Sound and Vibration Assistant, at a discount from the list price. See the Resources tab for more information on the list of analysis capabilities of the Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite.

Multidevice Synchronization
For applications requiring up to thousands of channels, you can synchronize the operation of two or more NI 446x devices with less than 0.1 deg of phase mismatch between channels.

Hybrid Slot-Compatible PXI Modules
The PXI-4462 is available in both PXI and PXI Express hybrid slot-compatible form factors. You can use the hybrid slot-compatible PXI-446x modules in PXI slots, CompactPCI slots, and hybrid slots, found in new PXI Express chassis.

Recommended Software
NI sound and vibration analysis software, including the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite and the NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit, provides signal processing functionality for performing audio measurements, fractional-octave analysis, frequency analysis, transient analysis, and order tracking. NI analysis software features NI Sound and Vibration Assistant interactive software for quickly acquiring, analyzing, and logging acoustic, noise, and vibration data. With a configuration-based, flexible measurement library and open-analysis capability, Sound and Vibration Assistant is designed for quick data capture through a unique software-based measurement approach to create customized applications.

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NI PXI-4462

Bundle Contents

Price: $ 4,199


NI PXI-4462 779688-01 Included in price

The NI PXI-4462 is a high-accuracy data acquisition (DAQ) module specifically designed for high-channel-count sound and vibration applications.

Software - Featuring the Sound and Vibration Assistant:
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For customizing your sound and vibration application. LabVIEW provides a powerful graphical programming environment. Included in the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite and Toolkit are LabVIEW Vis that can save hours of engineering development time in creating customized sound and vibration acquisition and analysis offerings.

Basic - NI Sound and Vibration Toolkit 777970-35 Add $ 1,999

An interactive environment for performing basic sound and vibration analysis in the time and frequency domain. Includes data logging functionality. No programming required.

Enhanced - NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite 779696-35 Add $ 3,999

Includes full sound and vibration analysis functionality. Provides easy to use tools for analysis from continuous frequency response sweeps to order analysis and tachometer processing. Provides numerous display options such as intensity, waterfall, shaft centerline and orbit plots. Easy to use non programming environment.




Industrial Accelerometer 780985-01 Add $ 129

Industrial Accelerometer Cable 780984-01 Add $ 54

General Purpose Cables

Price: $ 4,199

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System Assurance Programs

Reduce your setup time and total cost of ownership, and get a system you can use out of the box with National Instruments system assurance programs. System assurance programs include:

  • Installation and integration test of all individual hardware
  • Courtesy installation of system driver sets and application development environments
  • Extended warranty and calibration coverage for up to five years
  • Custom documentation plus a custom restore and startup utility

This service is only available for PXI, NI CompactRIO, and NI Compact FieldPoint systems.

Extended Warranties

National Instruments designs and manufactures all products to minimize failures, however unexpected failures can still occur. Extended warranties provide a fixed economical price at the time of system purchase, covering any repair costs for up to three years. In addition, they offer the following benefits:

  • Significant cost savings compared to individual repair incidents
  • Fault location, diagnostics, and repair by NI any time the system product fails
  • All parts and labor costs covered as well as any adjustments needed to restore the hardware to manufacturing specifications

For more information about your warranty options:


NI recognizes the need to maintain properly calibrated devices for high-accuracy measurements. NI provides manual calibration procedures, services to recalibrate your products, and automated calibration software to calibrate many NI measurement products.


NI training is the fastest, most certain route to productivity with NI tools and successful application development.

Repair Services

Return your registered product under warranty at no additional labor and parts cost. NI offers fault location, diagnostics, and repair any time the system fails as well as any adjustments needed to restore the hardware to manufacturing specifications.

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