• DIN-rail-mounting kits for 4- or 8-slot chassis
  • Panel-mounting kits for 4- or 8-slot chassis
  • Desktop-mounting kits for 4- or 8-slot chassis
  • Industrial enclosures for harsh, dirty, and wet environments

With NI CompactRIO DIN-rail-mounting kits, you can mount 4- or 8-slot CompactRIO chassis to any standard 35 mm DIN rail. For high shock and vibration applications, NI recommends mounting the chassis directly to a ridged surface using the mounting holes provided with the chassis. Panel-mounting kits are available for 4- or 8-slot CompactRIO chassis.

National Instruments offers a desktop-mounting kit for any CompactRIO chassis to facilitate the wiring and removal of I/O modules during development. The desktop-mounting kit positions your CompactRIO system above your desktop, so you can rotate the system for easy access to I/O modules and connectors during development.

When using CompactRIO in an environment with dust, water, or oil, take advantage of NI industrial enclosures.

To obtain additional information on mounting and how it can affect your CompactRIO system, visit and enter the info code “criomounting.”