LabVIEW Motion Control Tools

  • Fully-functional motion examples; included free of charge with NI motion controllers
  • High-level graphical motion functions
  • Integrated servo and stepper motor control
  • Motion system initialization file
  • Complete coverage of motion command set
  • Available only for LabVIEW for Windows
Our Windows motion control tools add powerfully integrated servo and stepper motor control to LabVIEW. We offer VI libraries to control high-performance plug-in motion controller boards. Each VI library covers the full spectrum, from low-level motion control commands to high-level, integrated motion control on multiple synchronized axes. The VI libraries are separated into functional areas that provide initialization, individual control and programming commands, status reporting, and motion sequence flow control. High-level motion VIs provide simple access to the setup and initialization of each controller board and a hierarchy of single and multi-axis control VIs that access the power of the individual motion commands. Using NI Motion Assistant software (purchased separately) you can generate new code based on these tools.

No part number and pricing information available for LabVIEW Motion Control Tools.

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