LabVIEW Development System

  • Rapid prototyping and development with graphical programming
  • High performance execution with compiled code
  • Integrated libraries for measurement analysis, control algorithms, and digital signal processing
  • Software connectivity through DLLs, TCP, and OPC
  • Tight integration with a wide range of I/O hardware
  • Create start-up executables with LabVIEW Professional Development System
National Instruments LabVIEW is designed for engineers and scientists that need to create flexible and scalable test, measurement, and control applications rapidly and at minimal cost. The intuitive graphical development environment combines the ease of use of configuration-based tools with the flexibility of a powerful programming language. The LabVIEW compiler generates optimized code with execution speeds comparable to that of compiled C programs.

The patented dataflow programming model of LabVIEW frees you from the sequential architecture of text-based programming languages. Because the execution order is determined by the flow of data between nodes and not by sequential lines of text, you can easily create block diagrams that execute multiple operations in parallel. Additionally, the parallel nature of LabVIEW makes implementing multitasking and multithreading simple by assigning thread priorities from a menu selection with no programming.

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