16-Bit, 250 kS/s per Channel

  • Up to 250 kS/s, 16-bit, 8 simultaneously sampled analog inputs
  • 8 digital I/O lines; two 24-bit counters; digital triggering
  • Superior integration – LabVIEW, CVI, and Measurement Studio for Visual Basic and Visual Studio .NET
  • High-performance NI-DAQmx driver and additional measurement services software included

The National Instruments 6143 devices combine the latest in low-cost PC technologies to deliver simultaneous-sampling, high-throughput capabilities for data acquisition and control systems requiring high channel counts. The NI 6143 devices are ideal for many applications, such as high-speed continuous data logging (speeds of 2 MS/s aggregate per board); stimulus/response measurements requiring synchronization between analog input, analog output, digital I/O, and counter/timer operations; ultrasound; and dynamic strain applications. An NI 6143 provides a very low cost/channel while maintaining high dynamic accuracy and simultaneity. These devices are also great for OEM applications that require more than one channel and higher throughput per channel than a multiplexed architecture can provide.