NI PCI-7344 4-Axis Stepper/Servo Controller for PCI

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  • Blended motion profiles
  • Electronic gearing and 2D/3D interpolation
  • Includes NI-Motion software for Windows 2000/NT/XP/Me/9x
  • 4-axis controller, each axis configurable for stepper or DC motor control
  • 62 µs PID loop update rate
  • Quadrature encoder or analog feedback
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The National Instruments PCI-7344 stepper/servo motion controller is one of our mid-range motion products. This easy-to-use controller is recommended for both simple stepper or DC motor control applications to complex multiaxis motion control applications. The NI PCI-7344 includes dual processors, a real-time onboard operating system, and multiaxis interpolation. Recommended accessories include the NI MID-76xx motor drive or the NI UMI-7764 interface for third-party motor drives.

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  • Data Sheet

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Each NI PCI-7344 requires:

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1 Connector Block

2 Cables

NI PCI-7344

NI PCI-7344 and Accessories

NI PCI-7344 - 778916-04 Qty $ 2,217 each
Connector Block -
NI UMI-7774 - 778558-01
Qty $ 829 each
Cables - Shielded
SHC68-C68-S Cable (2m) - 186380-02
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Qty $ 166 each
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