NI Waveform Editors

  • Import and edit existing waveforms saved in a variety of open file formats
  • Create analog and digital test signals interactively
  • Read waveforms from LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI and other development environments
  • Generate signals using NI or third-party hardware

The National Instruments Analog Waveform Editor and Digital Waveform Editor are interactive software tools for creating and editing analog and digital test signals. Using these editors, you can create waveforms from scratch by choosing from built-in patterns, or start from an existing waveform by importing data from a variety of open-file formats such as the VCD format used by digital simulation hardware or the ASCII file format used by spreadsheets and other math tools. The NI waveform editors are an excellent complement to arbitrary waveform generators and digital waveform generator hardware.