NI PCI-4070 PCI DMM 6½-Digit PCI DMM

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  • 10 to 23-bit flexible resolution
  • Superior measurement rates – 6½ digits at 100 S/s, 5½ digits at 3 kS/s, 4½ digits at 10 kS/s
  • 1.8 MS/s isolated, high-voltage waveform acquisition
  • ±6 ppm VDC accuracy
  • Measurements of voltages and currents up ±300 VDC and ±1 ADC
  • Need capacitance, inductance, or switching? Check out the NI PXI-4072 or the USB Switch Mainframes.
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The National Instruments PCI-4070 is a 6½-digit FlexDMM with remarkable throughput rates, high precision, and stable measurement accuracy. This combination of speed and accuracy was previously available only with higher-resolution digital multimeters (DMMs) costing thousands of dollars more. Thanks to the National Instruments proprietary FlexDMM technology, the NI PCI-4070 DMM also provides a fully isolated, high-voltage digitizer capable of acquiring waveforms at sample rates up to 1.8 MS/s at ±300 V input. Using the analysis functions in National Instruments LabVIEW software, you can analyze these waveforms in both the time and frequency domains. Because of its superior speed, accuracy, and functionality, the PCI-4070 is ideal for use in automated tests on both the production floor and in R&D environments.

Add Switching with USB Switch Mainframes
When used in automated test systems, the PCI-4070 Digital Multimeter is frequently located behind multiplexer or matrix switches. You can easily add switching to your PCI-4070 with the 4 or 12-Slot USB Switch Mainframes. The USB Switch Mainframes are completely assembled chassis/controller combinations with available plug-in slots for any of the 50+ switch configurations offered as SCXI modules. Some of the available options include:

NI SCXI-1127 64-channel, 300 V multiplexer/matrix offers an excellent solution for switching thermocouples, RTDs, or other sensitive measurements to the PCI-4070.

NI SCXI-1175 196-channel, 100 V multiplexer provides maximum channel count for high-density multiplexer configurations up to 100 V or 1 A. In a 12-Slot USB Switch Mainframe, you can multiplex more than 2300 signals to the PCI-4070!

NI SCXI-1130 256-channel, 60 V reed multiplexer/matrix combines high-channel-count multiplexer/matrix configurations with high-speed reed relays (900 ch/s). Create up to a 4x768 1-wire matrix in a 12-Slot USB Switch Mainframe.

For more switch configurations to use with PCI DMMs, visit the Switch Product Selection Guide (linked below).

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Specifications Documents

  • Data Sheet

Specifications Summary

Product Family Digital Multimeters
Form Factor PCI
Part Number 778275-01
Operating System/Target Real-Time , Linux , Windows
LabVIEW RT Support Yes
Triggering Digital
Synchronization Bus (RTSI) Yes
External Clocking No
Length 35.5 cm
Width 11.3 cm
Height 2 cm
I/O Connector 9-pin mini DIN , Shrouded banana plugs
Product Name PCI-4070
Isolation Type Ch-Earth Ground Isolation
Analog Input
Channels 1
Resolution 23 bits
Digits of Resolution 7 digit
Simultaneous Sampling No
Sample Rate 1.8 MS/s
Bandwidth 300 kHz
Input Impedance 10 GOhm , 10 MOhm , 1 MOhm
Maximum Common Mode Voltage 300 V
On-Board Memory 1024 kB
Frequency Range 0 Hz - 300 kHz
Max Voltage -300 V - 300 V
Maximum Voltage Range Sensitivity 1 mV
Minimum Voltage Range -100 mV - 100 mV
Minimum Voltage Range Sensitivity 100 nV
Max Current -1 A - 1 A
Maximum Current Range Sensitivity 1 µA
Minimum Current Range -20 mA - 20 mA
Minimum Current Range Sensitivity 10 nA
Maximum Resistance Range 0 MOhm - 100 MOhm
Maximum Resistance Range Sensitivity 100 Ohm
Minimum Resistance Range 0 Ohm - 100 Ohm
Minimum Resistance Range Sensitivity 100 µOhm
Analog Output
Channels 0
Digital I/O
Bidirectional Channels 0

NI PCI-4070 Complete Package

Each NI PCI-4070 requires:

NI PCI-4070

NI PCI-4070 and Accessories

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Optional Accessories
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Hardware Subtotal: $ 2,199

Package Price: $ 2,199

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