MXI-2 Standard Cables

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  • Available with straight-point or right-angle point connector
  • Standard MXI-2 Cables
  • Available in 1, 2, 4, and 8 m lengths
VXI-MXI-2 and VME-MXI-2 interfaces connect to any MXI-2 cable connector. The MXI-2 computer interface for example, the PCI-MXI-2 normally requires straight-point connectors. If you prefer to use a right-angle connector to save space, you can use the MC connector Extender between the interface board and the right-angle connector. Daisy-chain connectors are required in systems with several MXI-2 devices.

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Part Number Description Est Ship  US Dollars Qty
MXI-2 Standard Cables
777163-01MXI-2/M1 Cable, Straight-Point to Straight-Point Connector, 1 mCall$ 387.00
777163-04MXI-2/M1 Cable,Straight-Point to Straight-Point Connector, 4 mCall$ 601.00
777164-02MXI-2/M2 Cable,Straight-Point to Right-Angle Daisy-Chain, 2 mCall$ 576.00
777164-04MXI-2/M2 Cable,Straight-Point to Right-Angle Daisy-Chain, 4 mCall$ 673.00
777164-06MXI-2/M2 Cable,Straight-Point to Right-Angle Daisy-Chain, 6 mCall$ 777.00
777165-01MXI-2/M3 Cable,Right-Angle Point to Right-Angle Daisy-Chain, 1 mCall$ 627.00
777165-02MXI-2/M3 Cable,Right-Angle Point to Right-Angle Daisy-Chain, 2 mCall$ 660.00
777165-04MXI-2/M3 Cable,Right-Angle Point to Right-Angle Daisy-Chain, 4 mCall$ 803.00
777166-01MXI-2/M4 Cable,Straight-Pt. to Reverse R-Angle Daisy-Chain, 1 mCall$ 535.00

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