NI SCC-SG24 2-Channel Load Cell Input, Full-Bridge, 1.6 kHz Lowpass

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  • Full-bridge inputs for load cells and pressure sensors
  • 1.6 kHz lowpass filter and instrumentation amplifier on each channel
  • Potentiometer for offset nulling
  • 10 V excitation source
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The National Instruments SCC-SG24 is a 2-channel, full-bridge input module designed for load cells and pressure sensors. Each channel of the module includes an instrumentation amplifier, a 1.6 kHz lowpass filter, and a potentiometer for bridge offset nulling. Each NI SCC-SG24 module also includes a single 10 V excitation source.

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Common Configuration
777459-37SCC-SG24 2 ch, Full Bridge, 10V Excitation10 - 15$ 457.00

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