Cables for R Series Multifunction RIO Devices

  • High-performance shielded cables designed specifically for R Series devices
  • Connectivity to 68-pin terminal blocks
  • Custom wiring to third-party devices with unterminated cable
  • Cable to cRIO-9151 expansion chassis for C Series signal conditioning and direct connectivity
  • Connectivity to all 5B and solid-state relay (SSR) signal conditioning backplanes

NI offers a wide variety of cables for R Series multifunction reconfigurable I/O (RIO) devices. The SHC68-68-RMIO cable is designed and shielded specifically for the multifunction I/O (MIO) connector on R Series devices. The SHC68-68-RDIO cable is designed and shielded specifically for the digital I/O (DIO) connectors on most R Series devices for improved signal integrity when connected to terminal blocks or the cRIO-9151 R Series expansion chassis. The following R Series devices work with the SHC68-68-RDIO cable:

-NI 7811R
-NI 7813R
-NI 7830R
-NI 7831R
-NI 7833R
-NI 7841R
-NI 7842R
-NI 7851R
-NI 7852R
-NI 7853R
-NI 7854R

The SHC68-C68-RDIO2 cable is used with the following R Series devices that offer high-speed digital I/O:

-NI 7845R
-NI 7846R
-NI 7855R
-NI 7856R
-NI 7820R
-NI 7821R
-NI 7822R

In addition, NI offers cables to connect the analog and digital signal lines of R Series devices to 5B and SSR signal conditioning backplanes. NI also offers an unterminated cable that is ideal for OEM applications and custom wiring.