NI MATRIXx Design and Development Tools

  • Product on end-of-life status; last day for orders is June 30, 2019 (see Resources tab below)
  • Build accurate, high-fidelity models and perform interactive simulations
  • Analyze system models and build robust control algorithms
  • Automatically document the system model and controller properties
  • Generate readable, traceable, highly optimized C or Ada code
  • Target your code to a real-time platform for control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop test
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For more than 20 years, engineers worldwide have relied on MATRIXx for control design applications in automotive, aerospace and defense, process control, and academic environments. The MATRIXx suite of software includes:

SystemBuild is an easy-to-use graphical environment for rapid model development and simulation as well as the development and management of large, complex models. With the SystemBuild intuitive, hierarchical structure, you can segment the model at any level for validation and verification from the top down or the bottom up.

Xmath is a mathematical analysis, visualization, and scripting software environment featuring a unique, high-level, object-oriented programming language called MathScript. With features such as an interactive debugger, programmable graphical user interfaces, and an extensive library of predefined functions, your development time and effort greatly decrease.

DocumentIt provides a powerful and customizable method to generate formatted documentation of your SystemBuild models. Using template-based technology, you can easily customize the resulting documentation to extract all desired information and present it in the most useful format, including block and SuperBlock names, data types, signal names and flows, and user-entered block comments. With DocumentIt, you can create a single template to standardize documentation for the entire enterprise or use different templates to provide input/output interface information among development teams.

AutoCode is a flexible and easily customizable automatic code generation tool. Using template-based generation technology, you can configure the exact format and specification of the resulting code. This makes it easy for you to generate code for rapid control prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop testing on one real-time platform, and then switch templates to generate code for your final production target.