Synchronization Cables for PCI Boards

  • Ribbon cables for connecting two or more NI PCI boards via the RTSI bus
  • RTSI bus provides for timing and synchronization between boards
  • RTSI bus offers a subset of PXI trigger bus functionality
  • Options available to connect from 2 to 5 PCI boards

Many National Instruments PCI boards are equipped with RTSI bus, accessible via a ribbon cable connector mounted atop the board. These boards can share triggers and clocks to effectively combine several boards into a single multifunction instrument. Functions of PCI boards with RTSI bus include multifunction data acquisition (DAQ), high-speed digital I/O, high-speed digitizers, dynamic signal acquisition (DSA), signal generators, high-speed timing I/O, image acquisition, motion control, and CAN bus interfacing. For a fully integrated, modular automated measurement system, consider PXI.