NI Certification Overview

  • Distinguish expertise with professional credentials
  • Gain recognition from industry, employer, clients, and peers
  • Differentiate technical competency for career advancement
  • Be recognized on

Earning NI certification adds credibility to your expertise in using NI products and leads to success for career advancement and employment opportunities. The measurement and automation industry, your employer, clients, and peers recognize your NI certification credential as a symbol of the skills and knowledge you have gained through experience. For organizations and hiring managers, NI certifications are credible pre-requisites that identify expertise for hiring, promoting, and outsourcing decisions.

National Instruments offers certifications for LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI and NI TestStand. The Associate Developer, Developer, and Architect levels represent a basic, advanced, and expert level of knowledge in using NI products according to NI standards. View a video presentation to learn more about NI certification.