Motion Control Software

  • Increase your productivity with motion software
  • NI-Motion and LabVIEW VIs delivered at no charge with motion controllers
  • Motion Assistant, configurable motion software, makes motion control easier
  • Motion Control Module for Measurement Studio adds power to your application

NI offers several different software packages to help you develop powerful motion control applications. Included with all NI motion controllers is NI-Motion driver software, which offers LabVIEW VIs, firmware updates, and LabVIEW example programs to help you get started. NI-Motion driver software also offers DLLs and example programs to aid when developing motion control applications with other development packages such as Measurement Studio, LabWindows CVI, or other programming languages. NI Motion Assistant is an additional package that uses LabVIEW code generation to help you develop your LabVIEW motion control applications with little or no programming. NI-Motion currently works with Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000. For operating systems such as VxWorks, Linux, or others, please contact your local field sales engineer.