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From research and analysis to large-scale production and quality control, use DASYLab to quickly create flexible and powerful monitoring and control applications without programming. With DASYLab, you can focus on your particular area of expertise, while tapping into the power of the display, analysis, and control features needed to fully process measurement data. DASYLab includes an interactive tutorial and more than 150 examples to help you quickly set up and develop your application.

Use DASYLab to interactively develop PC-based data acquisition applications by simply connecting functional icons. DASYLab offers real-time analysis, control, and the ability to create custom graphical user interfaces. You can configure many applications in a few minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Extensive Hardware Support: DASYLab hardware drivers work with NI-DAQmx devices, as well as NI CAN boards. DASYLab supports Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware, as well as a host of hardware from more than 20 vendors. Choose I/O from analog, digital, counter/timer, IEEE 488, RS232, Modbus and DDE, IVI (Interchangeable Virtual Instrument) devices, plus any industry-standard OPC-compliant device, including programmable logic controllers and industrial automation controllers.

Custom, Real-Time Data Display: DASYLab provides a comprehensive selection of real-time display capabilities for easily developing custom displays. Choose among other features such as limit and trend indicators and the ability to zoom and scroll waveforms, plus display overlapping traces and waterfall plots.

Powerful, Real-Time Data Analysis and Control: DASYLab includes a wide range of real-time data analysis and control functions for easily developing custom applications. There are modules for performing fast Fourier transforms (FFTs), digital filtering, logical operations, and much more. With these modules, you can set up complex calculations in seconds. DASYLab runs under Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000. DASYLab runs as a 32-bit application under 64-bit operating systems.