NI DIAdem Packages

  • Inspect measurement data, search for anomalies, and correlate test runs
  • Manage test data in several formats including ASCII, Excel, and binary files
  • Analyze test data interactively to uncover the decision-driving results
  • Report results professionally with engineering and scientific graphs and charts
  • Automate repetitive analysis and reporting tasks to save time and reduce errors
  • Make the most of your data investment with DIAdem

DIAdem Base Edition – Includes NI DataFinder for searching and mining your test data, incorporates common engineering analysis and reporting functions, and features the ability to run scripts written in the advanced or professional packages.

DIAdem Advanced Edition – Includes an advanced analysis library and 3D reporting tools.

DIAdem Professional Edition – Includes sophisticated analysis functions such as order analysis, compound classifications, and circle approximations.

NI DataFinder Server Edition – Use this software for centralized data management and mining.