PC Control of PXI

  • Direct PC control of PXI/CompactPCI and PXI Express/CompactPCI Express
  • Software transparent link that requires no programming
  • Sustained throughput up to 208 MB/s
  • Fiber-optic or copper cabling
  • 200 m maximum separation with fiber-optic cabling
  • Takes advantage of the high performance of desktop computers, workstations, and servers

With the National Instruments MXI interface kits, you control your PXI system directly from a PC with a transparent, high-speed serial link that requires no programming. With MXI, you can take advantage of the latest high-performance, low-cost desktop PCs for control of your PXI system. MXI works well whether you are using the highest performance desktop computer, workstation or server on the market or reusing a computer you may already have. You can purchase any desktop computer, workstation or server, and then remotely control your PXI system using either MXI-Express for PXI Express, MXI-Express or copper/fiber optic MXI-4 serial link. The MXI link consists of a PCI/PCI Express board in your computer and a PXI/PXI Express module in slot 1 of your PXI system, connected by a copper or fiber-optic cable. In addition, a MXI configuration can be used to build multichassis PXI systems for high channel count applications.