RF Signal Generators

  • Industry-leading spectral purity and measurement speed
  • Low price-performance ratio
  • The functionality of RF in the modular, compact PXI and USB form factors
  • Frequency range of up to 20 GHz
  • Up to 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth

National Instruments RF modules deliver the functionality of RF signal generators to the modular, compact PXI and USB form factors.

NI RF signal generators have frequency ranges as low as 250 kHz and as high as 20 GHz.

With the NI LabVIEW Modulation Toolkit and the NI RF Software Measurement Suites, generators can output custom and standard modulation formats such as AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, GMSK, PSK, QAM, GSM, WCDMA, LTE, CDMA, WLAN, Bluetooth, WiMAX, GPS and others.

In addition, you can tightly integrate NI RF signal generators with other NI RF and microwave instruments such as vector signal analyzers, vector network analyzers, RF switches, digital multimeters, digitizers, motion control, and external RF instrumentation.