Microprocessor Relay Protection System

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"We combined the benefits of the NI PXI platform, CompactRIO hardware, FPGA, and processor to develop a rugged and specialized educational platform that trains the students and introduces microprocessor relay protection systems to design new types of protections."

- Ashot Minasyan, Bitlis-MEN

The Challenge:
Designing a laboratory facility for hands-on study of microprocessor relay protection circuits for interactive monitoring and control over any modeled processes and hardware-simulated emergency situations.

The Solution:
Creating the microprocessor relay protection system with three-phase directional/nondirectional overcurrent protection, earth directional/nondirectional overcurrent protection, voltage controlled overcurrent protection, three-phase undercurrent protection, negative phase sequence overcurrent protection, phase under/over voltage protection, residual over voltage protection, directional power protection, under/over frequency protection, circuit breaker failure detection protection, the ability to handle all major emergency states, and the chance to create advanced mixed protections, all to meet the customer’s requirements.

Ashot Minasyan - Find this author in the NI Developer Community

Bitlis-MEN LLC, an NI Silver Alliance Partner, offers safe and simple engineering solutions for the automation of customer systems. We can provide customers with ease of operation so they can see and manage their businesses anytime and anywhere, from home, office, or while traveling. Our experience, competence, and the innovations and advanced technologies we use help us meet the needs of our clients all over the world. We can also provide a partial automation of the system, namely the automation of the assemblies and units.


The facility’s power network simulation system is compatible with an NI PXI-based control system. We used LabVIEW graphical programming software to implement specialized control software. The software visualizes a virtual operating diagram of the facility and allows interactive monitoring and control over any processes modeled and simulated in hardware emergency situations.

List of Experiments

  • Three-phase directional/nondirectional overcurrent
  • Earth directional/nondirectional overcurrent
  • Voltage controlled overcurrent
  • Three-phase undercurrent
  • Negative phase sequence overcurrent
  • Phase under voltage
  • Phase over voltage
  • Residual over voltage
  • Directional power
  • Over/under frequency
  • Circuit breaker failure detection

Figure 1. Lab Software Screenshot

System Features and Benefits

  • Handles all major emergency states
  • Two students can work simultaneously on the facility
  • Real microprocessor relay
  • All protections can be studied separately
  • Students can get deeper into microprocessor relay protection system to understand relay programming using LabVIEW
  • Students can modify any protection logic to create other types of protections and create advanced mixed protections

Author Information:
Ashot Minasyan
Find this author in the NI Developer Community

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