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Development of a Digital Radio Mondiale Transmitter

Figure 1. Conceptual DRM Transmission Block Diagram

"LabVIEW was a powerful tool for us. It filled the gap of knowing the theory and implementing the theory on the real hardware with an easy-to-use graphical programming language. LabVIEW made it easy for us to debug the code because the graphical programming nature of the code closely mimicked the block diagram we created."

- Sandeep K. Yadav, Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan

The Challenge:
Developing an advanced digital audio broadcasting transmitter using the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM/DRM+) standard. This transmitter must be capable of sending multiple audio services, text streams, and pictures, and it must work over the bands currently used for AM broadcasting. This transmitter also needs to take encoded source code data as an input. This product needs to be developed by a group of final-year students in a highly accelerated timeframe of six man-months.

The Solution:
Using thousands of built-in signal processing functions in NI LabVIEW and the NI Modulation Toolkit to accelerate the development of the IP for DRM/DRM+ along with the NI PXIe-5673 radio frequency (RF) vector signal generator to generate the signal and test it using a commercial third-party receiver.

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