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Using NI LabVIEW and DAQ for a DC Motor Controller

Figure 1. System Block Diagram

"By using NI LabVIEW as the motor controller, we can control a DC motor for multiple purposes using only one software environment. With the push of a button in LabVIEW, a DC motor can start, stop, and turn in any desired direction. In addition, we can easily adjust the position by turning a virtual knob in LabVIEW software to rotate the motor shaft to the desired angle."

- Hean Gay Rodney Tan, UCSI University

The Challenge:
Creating an interface control system for motor operations, from small-scale models to large industrial applications.

The Solution:
Developing a DC motor control system using NI LabVIEW as the main controller and processor with NI DAQ as the interface, an H-bridge as the subcontroller, and a Hall effect encoder of the motor as the sensor.

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