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Creating a Real-Time Simulator for Power Quality Signals

Figure 1: Graphic Interface for the Three Phase Generator Tool of PQ Disturbances

"In academia, the cost associated with laboratory construction and maintenance was once high in the short and long term. The cRIO-9082 system represents an alternative to teach real-life scenarios for training future professionals at a low cost in the long term."

- Davis Montenegro Martínez, Universidad de los Andes

The Challenge:
Developing real-time hardware tools to reproduce real scenarios to teach power quality disturbances in electrical engineering education.

The Solution:
Using NI LabVIEW software, the NI LabVIEW Real-Time Module, and NI CompactRIO hardware to develop a real-time emulator for students to re-create scenarios for measuring power signals that carry power quality disturbances in a controlled environment where they can mix the disturbances for different situations.

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