Using Wineman Technology INERTIA Software and NI PXI Hardware to Develop an Autonomous 6-Wheel Drive Dynamometer Control and Data Acquisition System

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"Wineman Technology provided us with the service needed to complete our projects on time and within our budget. We will be happy to work with them as a partner on future projects."

- Dr. Harold Schock, Michigan State University

The Challenge:
Building a state-of-the-art powertrain test cell equipped with six dynamometers that can absorb more than 1,000 kW to test and validate six-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles (6WD ATVs) performing a variety of maneuvers through simulated terrain to ensure full system capabilities.

The Solution:
Using Wineman Technology INERTIA test software and NI PXI hardware to simultaneously and independently control each wheel in torque, speed, or simulation modes and using Mechanical Simulation Corporation TruckSim to dynamically generate test profiles using real-time terrain simulations.

Dr. Harold Schock - Michigan State University
Darryn LaZar - Wineman Technology Inc.

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