EMBRAER Performs Full Airplane Simulation Using NI HIL Tools

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"We selected NI VeriStand for the Legacy 500 Iron Bird because of the breadth of functionality the environment provides out of the box, which significantly reduced our development efforts."

- Guilherme Seelaender, EMBRAER S.A.

The Challenge:
Performing electronic systems integration testing by connecting the complete electrical system of the aircraft to a simulation of the rest of the plane.

The Solution:
Creating a full aircraft simulator that consists of 21 real-time PXI systems networked together using reflective memory and Ethernet interfaces.

Guilherme Seelaender - EMBRAER S.A.

Next Steps

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The NI real-time testing platform reduced development and testing time by one year, from 42 months to 30 months, when compared to the previous airplane simulation approach we used.

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