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Using PXI and RF Products to Create the URT RF Signal Record and Playback System

Universal Receiver Tester Shieldedbox

"When you’re dealing with the most prestigious automakers in the world, quality is of the utmost concern. The high-throughput RF streaming capabilities of NI PXI technology has made it efficient for us to record and play back all common analog and broadcast signals in use today, including AM/FM, GPS and HD Radio"

- Sophie Gigliotti, Averna

The Challenge:
Developing a cost-effective, complex, portable system that captures live RF signals as they are, in the field without any demodulation or alterations for later playback in the laboratory in order to reproduce the real-life environment and have a device in the lab to react as much as possible like if it was in the field.

The Solution:
Using the NI PXI platform and NI RF instruments we have developed a sturdy and reliable system that meets the requirements of a record and playback system usable in a field environment. The Averna URTTM (Universal Receiver Tester) RF Record & Playback System leverages the PXI express technologies into a complete turnkey solution for recording RF signals such as radio, video, GPS, wireless, and others.

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