DeVry University Teaches Electronics and Circuits Courses Using NI ELVIS and NI Multisim

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"By taking advantage of virtual instrumentation with NI ELVIS and Multisim, our students are able to reinforce the theory they see in textbooks with in-class demonstrations and laboratory exercises."

- Carlo Sapijaszko, DeVry University

The Challenge:
Teaching electronics design concepts with a hands-on, interactive approach while addressing the industry need for graduates experienced with PC-based instrumentation.

The Solution:
Using the NI ELVIS educational design and prototyping platform, the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment, and the NI Multisim education platform based on virtual instrumentation to teach the theory, design, and prototyping of circuits.

Carlo Sapijaszko - DeVry University

At DeVry University, we provide engineering technology education to prepare students for careers in the industry. Our coursework incorporates the NI ELVIS integrated design and prototyping platform with LabVIEW and Multisim software to achieve two objectives:

  • Teaching circuit design and instrumentation
  • Catering to the industry’s demand for a workforce trained in PC-based instrumentation

Providing Electronics and Computer Technology Education Using the NI Platform

We use NI ELVIS and Multisim in three core courses of the Electronics and Computer Technology (ECT) program: ECT 122-Electronic Systems I, ECT 125-Electronic Systems II, and ECT 246-Electronic Systems III. These are required courses taken by students in their first, second, and third semesters, respectively.

The course objectives include analyzing and troubleshooting DC and AC passive electrical circuits and analog electronic circuits with active semiconductor devices to determine if the given values are within the tolerances of predicted values. To achieve these objectives, students perform a rigorous set of exercises including calculating resistor values, simulating the properties of AC signals, and analyzing frequency-response characteristics.

To complete these exercises, DeVry University students use NI ELVIS and Multisim running on standard desktops and laptops with Windows OS. Due to their flexibility, affordability, and versatility, NI ELVIS and Multisim provide a cost-effective solution that makes a one-to-one student-to-equipment ratio possible and helps students gain more experience using PC-based instrumentation before entering the industry.

Because of the small footprint of NI ELVIS, the platform can be incorporated into lecture labs where the professors use NI ELVIS and Multisim to perform in-class demonstrations. Our students enjoy being able to perform experiments in the laboratory with the same physical components used in the lecture. With the NI platform, our students learn by doing compared to the traditional technique of learning theory without hands-on experience.

By taking advantage of virtual instrumentation with NI ELVIS and Multisim, our students are able to reinforce the theory they see in textbooks with in-class demonstrations and laboratory exercises. NI ELVIS and Multisim are the right combination of tools to help prepare our students for practice in the real world.

Author Information:
Carlo Sapijaszko
DeVry University
4000 Millenia Blvd
Orlando, FL 32839
United States
Tel: 407.226.6494

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