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Sony XCL-5000

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NI Compatible Products
NI - Compatible Hardware 
779191-01NI PCIe-1429 image acquisition device
779479-01NI PCIe-1430 image acquisition device
779706-01NI PCIe-1427 image acquisition device
NI - Cable P/N 
No available NI Products 
Camera File 
Sony XCL-5000 (12 kb)Camera File for use with NI-IMAQ 3.7 or later
Created by: NI Certified Created on: 5 Feb 2007
Compatibility Report 
Sony XCL-5000 Support (18 kb)Compatibility Report for use with NI-IMAQ 3.7 or later
Created by: NI Certified Created on: 5 Feb 2007
Sony provides a special cable to connect from their camera to CameraLink boards. This camera has an 80 Mhz pixel clock and is only supported by PCIe 1427, PCIe 1429 and PCIe 1430. Older PCI boards (PCI 1426 and PCI 1428) can only support up to a 50 MHz pixel clock and cannot acquire from this camera.

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