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Industrial Camera Advisor

Compact Size
Partial Scanning
Short ASCII Commands for Fast Setup
RS 232C Control

1/3" progressive scan, monochrome IT CCD sensor, 480 TV lines (horizontal), programmable exposure, shutter: 1/30 to 1/100,000 sec., partial scanning, sensitivity on sensor: 0.05 lux (max. gain, 50% video), operating temperature: -5°C to +45C°, 12V DC, HxWxD: 29x44x66 mm

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NI Compatible Products
NI - Compatible Hardware 
778200-01 NI PCI-1409/PXI-1409 image acquisition device
779209-01NI PCI-1410 image acquisition device
NI - Cable P/N 
183882-01IMAQ-BNC-1, Analog Camera Cable,1 m
183882-02IMAQ-BNC-1, Analog Camera Cable, 2 m
Camera File 
CV-A11 Camera File (4.0kb)Camera File for use with NI-IMAQ 2.5 or later
Created by: NI Certified Created on: 11/11/2001
CV-A11 Camera File(1410) (4.0kb)Camera File for use with NI-IMAQ 3.1 or later
Created by: NI Certified Created on: 1/20/2005
JAI's data sheet Data sheet in PDF format
(Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Compatibility Report 
CV-A11 Support File (1kb)Compatibility Report for use with NI-IMAQ 2.5 or later
Created by: NI Certified Created on: 11/11/2001

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