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Industrial Camera Advisor
Sony XC-EI30

All controls outside the camera
Simplified and flexible trigger
Excellent vibration/shock characteristics (10G / 70G)
Smallest/lightest, one piece analog B/W camera offered by Sony
High sensitivity -1/3 IT HAD CCD

The new XC-EI50/EI30/CE video cameras are the smallest and lightest, one piece 1/2" and 1/3" analog B/W video cameras in Sony's line up to date. These cameras feature the same CCD technology and improved specifications that are incorporated in the XC-ST70/50/30 series (e.g., simplified and flexible trigger, excellent vibration and shock characteristics) but in an even smaller and lighter package. In order to achieve this extremely small size, the BNC connector has been removed from the XC-EI50/30/CE cameras. This camera incorporates the latest 1/3" Interline Transfer (IT) CCD with HAD technology providing 768(H) x 494(V) effective picture elements and feature a c-mount type lens mount. In addition, there are several new and exciting benefits offered with the XC-EI50/30/CE cameras - smaller size, lighter weight, and near-infrared sensitivity (650 to 1000nm range). This is reflected in the minimum specifications of 0.2 lx for the XC-EI30/30. When used with an IR LED illuminator, these cameras can capture images in very low light environments and/or easily detect features that are more distinguishable in IR illumination. With dimensions of 29(W) x 29(H) x 32(D) mm and weighing only 50g, these cameras are easy to install and are ideal for image processing and machine vision applications.

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NI Compatible Products
NI - Compatible Hardware 
777852-01 NI PCI-1407/PXI-1407 image acquisition device
778200-01 NI PCI-1409/PXI-1409 image acquisition device
NI - Cable P/N 
183836-01 IMAQ-A2504-1, 4 BNC Connector, Camera Cable 1 m
183882-01IMAQ-BNC-1, Analog Camera Cable,1 m
Camera File 
Sony's data sheet Data sheet in PDF format
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